I’m in love with Lavender!

I just bought a beautiful lavender plant for my herb garden. It's not only pretty and aromatic, but has many well-respected health benefits. Where do I begin? Most of us know about the calming benefits of lavender, but did you know that it’s an effective treatment for wounds and burns?


A few weeks ago, I burned my hand very badly. I was baking my Portuguese Chicken dish in a stainless steel Dutch oven. Using a potholder, I removed the lid and set it by the sink as I tended to my dish. I turned back to the sink and without thinking grabbed the lid barehanded! I was stunned for a second and froze! When I tried to let go, my fingers were curled under the handle, making it difficult to release. Owie! I immediately put my hand under some cold water, but it looked as if it was going to blister right away. I recalled some case studies I had read about applying lavender oil to burn victims, and I knew I had some somewhere. I quickly searched through my herbal oils and found it. I began applying it to my hand and kept reapplying all night until I went to bed. I set the open bottle on the nightstand next to me, just in case.


The next morning my hand did not hurt and there was no sign of a burn at all! Plus, I slept like a baby with the scent of lavender wafting throughout the bedroom!

Yes, lavender is often recommended for sleeplessness, restlessness and anxiety too. Lavender has been used for generations as an aid for rest and relaxation. Many scientific studies support this benefit. In aromatherapy, lavender oil is recommended for relieving headaches, nervous disorders, fatigue and exhaustion. Quite versatile, lavender relaxes AND rejuvenates us!

The benefits of lavender don't end there! Studies have shown that it kills candida and other fungal infections. It also has antiviral and antibiotic properties. There have been studies that indicate it can reverse and prevent hair loss in certain instances!


Lavender is a must-have for the herbal medicine cabinet. In fact, you might want to add it to your kitchen cabinet too. I’ve had lavender cakes and cookies, lavender lemonade, and lavender pasta sauce. The other day I even made Roasted Lavender Chicken! See my recipe for Basic Roast Chicken and place some lavender sprigs under the skin and in the cavity.

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