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I just wanted to share some photos from the retreat I attended last weekend. The theme was "Real Life Stuff-Finding What You're Looking For," and the main speaker was Debbie Stuart from Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas and newly added to the staff at Women of Faith. 


Some of the pearls of wisdom that have stayed with me include the following:  

"Difficulties are disguised deliberately. Your setbacks are really your setups." 

- Debbie Stuart

"You shall know that I have not done without cause all that I have done, saith the Lord." Ezekial 14:23

"He will use your pain for your progress. It's a promise!" - Debbie Stuart

"If you want a miracle in your life, whatever he says to do, do it!" Paraphrase by Debbie from John 2:5

During my Lenten meditations, I've been pondering these phrases. I've been picturing what this looks like in my life, and I've been praying about it. I've realized how very difficult it can be to consider what other people have to say, yet rely on God's voice to direct me. 

This retreat inspired me to get back into a routine of reading God's word daily, which luckily I had already begun at the beinning of Lent. A few years ago I had purchased a Lenten devotional, but set it aside thinking it wasn't very good. This year, I picked it up again, and I clearly hear God's voice through it. It reminds me that God is always speaking to us, waiting for the right moment in our lives to speak a special word. I encourage you, especially if you're feeling like God has been silent lately, to establish some quiet time and read God's word, with or without the help of a devotional. If you need a good guide, I recommend the book I'm reading, The Awkward Season - Prayers for Lent, by Pamela C. Hawkins. Here's a portion of one of her prayers that I prayed this morning:

May all who feel invisible be seen by you, O Christ.

May all who are discarded believe you treasure them.

May the frightened feel safe;

the bruised, soothed; the forgotten, remembered

in you and by you,

O Christ of the cross;

in me and by me;

O Christ of my prayers.


Enjoy the photos from the retreat, below. Great music, great food, great fun!


Singing led by Jami Smith


We were all given a photo with a girlfriend.


Putting together the puzzle pieces… with a kiss! Very cute centerpieces!

BBR 3912


Fun crafts and projects like writing notes to 

missionaries' kids leaving home for college.


And of course, beautiful (albeit not so healthy) desserts!


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