Reflections on completing my detox


Yesterday was the last day of my spring detox. Some people ask me why I need to detox since I eat a healthy diet most of the time. There are many reasons, but I'll share a few with you today.

1. Discipline in diet is an ongoing challenge in today's world. Our society revolves around food and almost all social activities include it. We eat out on the days we don't have time to bring a lunch to work. We meet friends for lunch or dinner, and we take loved ones out for a meal to celebrate birthdays, graduations, new jobs, and any other reason we can think of. People come into town to visit and we want to show them the newest greatest restaurant in town. We have family get togethers that always include dessert(s). We meet friends for fancy coffees or drinks. We snack in front of the TV. We take our kids out to fast food places and ice cream stores and end up joining them. It's hard to say no! Taking a few weeks every season to practice saying, "No," especially to sweets, really helps me get back on track and immediately lose any extra pounds that might have decided to stick around.

2. Discipline in planning is also important. When I begin a new detox, I write up a grocery list, make some plans for meals, and purchase the healthful foods I'll be eating. This makes it easy to say, "Yes!" to the good foods I'll want to eat every day. I'm so busy making sure I eat everything on my daily detox guide, I don't have the time or appetite to crave those things I'm avoiding.

3. Discipline in staying hydrated is another struggle for me. When I undertook my first detox I realized just how dehydrated I normally was. There were days when I had only 1 glass of water the entire day! I still have to remind myself each day to drink water, but for the 2 weeks of detox, I keep count and make it a priority to drink 64 oz. of water. This helps trigger my sense of thirst, and I find myself more aware of when I feel thirsty. I also realize that when I think I'm hungry, I'm often actually thirsty!

4. Discipline in fitness also plays a role. I want to keep my circulation moving (to remove toxins), so I get myself back on a plan of daily movement. It doesn't need to be (and really shouldn't be) too vigorous, but striving for daily activity helps me get back on the fitness track.

5. Discipline in my spiritual life is one of the primary benefits I enjoy when I try to do a holistic detox. I cast aside my morning computer worship time and worship God instead! It's typically so easy for me to sit at my computer right after waking up, that I don't get around to talking with God. After a few weeks of reading devotionals or verses, praying, and listening to God first thing in the morning, I feel so much more peaceful and connected. I'm reminded that I need that daily quiet time, and that I actually do have the time to do it if I choose to make it a priority.

6. Discipline in reviewing the toxins I'm exposed to: there are many ways we expose ourselves to unnecessary toxins. I become more committed to choosing less toxic products for my home, my garden and my body.

7. Finally, each time I detox, the healthy habits become more ingrained into my daily routine. Every time I detox it's a little easier because it doesn't feel like I'm changing much from my regular diet.

So, with each new season, I follow a detox and always reap benefits. It really doesn't matter what your normal diet and lifestyle looks like. Anyone can profit from a little self discipline!

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