Laissez les bons temps rouler!


The time is here! Today is the first day of a triple header: Super Bowl Sunday, the start of the Chinese New Year on Monday, and Mardi Gras on Tuesday. Each day has its own special celebratory menu, which means we’ll be eating quite a lot!

I want to make sure I plan ahead for the day after… actually the 40 days after, which is called Lent.

Although Lent has become known as a time to give up an indulgence like chocolate or alcohol, there’s another more important aspect. It’s the special period in the church calendar where Christians become introspective. We search our souls for areas where we’ve turned away from God, and we are reminded to turn our gaze back toward Him.

To this end, many Lenten devotionals have been written. The Featured Products for the month of February include some of my favorites. Check out the list here and get prepared. You still have time to find one in your local book store or order quickly on Amazon Prime for 2-day delivery. 

I’m enjoying the triple header of celebrations the next few days but I’m also looking forward to the quiet season of Lent.

Until then…


Mexican Themed Super Bowl


Chinese New Year


Cajun Cuisine

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